Beer Tour

Getting Started

Once you have started your online profile, pick up your Joe's Beer Tour card at any of our restaurants to have your account activated. You are responsible for updating your contact information if changed. Rewards and prizes cannot be earned or redeemed unless we have an active valid e-mail address.

Participating Locations

Average Joe's Beer Tour Participants can use their cards at all Average Joe's locations. Our current locations can be found by visiting: CLICK HERE



If you have chosen to be a Joe's V.I.P member and provided us with your birth date during that registration, then you are eligible for a free order of boneless wings on your birthday with the purchase of a beverage. You will receive an email with details on how to redeem your free wings.



Joe's Beer Tour is completed when a Member drinks 75 different beers. All Participants in the Joe's Beer Tour can use their card # to keep a record of all the different beers they have purchased. Your beer tour record can be viewed by visiting and logging into your personal beer tracker. When participating in the Joes beer tour your server will ask for your card number to electronically record each consumed beer. Beers will be tracked by for the completion of your Joe's Beer Tour. The online beer menu will show each beer based on what store it is being sold. Unless prohibited by local or state law, when you have tried all the beers on your first tour you will be invited to our year end party where we will be rewarding all the tour members.


  • To participate a Participant pays a $10.00 Joe's Beer Tour fee.
  • A Participant may not add more than five beers to your card each day.
  • Each bottle, mug, pint or pitcher counts for one (1) validation.
  • Each beer must be different; duplicate beers do not count towards the Tour.
  • You only get credit for the beers you consume.
  • Beer credits cannot be transferred.
  • Joe's Beer Tour cards do not qualify as identification or proof of age.
  • Joe's Beer Flights may count as one of the chosen beers
  • A growler will count as one beer tour credit.


Earn Rewards

Your rewards will be calculated on the number of beers electronically credited to the completion of your Tour. Participants are eligible for prizes after completion of 25, 50, and 75 beer credits.

  • 25 beer credits - (Key Chain)
  • 50 beer credits - (Average Joe's Beer Mug)
  • 75 beer credits - (Average Joe's Hoodie)